Academic Scholarships

The ITEA Scholarship Program is designed to foster interest and education in technical fields that may benefit the test and evaluation profession. The program furthers the goals of ITEA by providing financial aid to qualified students attending or scheduled to attend an institution of higher learning (i.e., universities, colleges, and community colleges) in a technical field and/or offering grants to educational institutions, including schools with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) programs, to purchase equipment that has the potential to impact their technical curriculum.

The ITEA Scholarship Program is administered by ITEA Chapters with the assistance of the ITEA Executive Office (EO) and under the cognizance of the ITEA Board of Directors. Chapters may, at their discretion, develop relationships with local universities and colleges to assist with the selection and award of scholarships. Chapters will develop eligibility guidelines such as, required grade point average, course of study and application requirements. The selection of individual scholarship awardees is at the discretion of the local Chapter. Each Chapter must provide the ITEA Executive Office with the names of individual scholarship recipients.

The ITEA EO will assist the Chapters with the financial administration of the Scholarship Program including the issuance of scholarship checks and the establishment and maintenance of an Education Account. The ITEA EO will send the Chapter a check for presentation to the designated educational institution. The check will be written payable to that institution. In accordance with IRS reporting requirements for year-end tax returns, each Chapter must provide the ITEA EO with the names of the individual scholarship recipients, their tax ID numbers, full postal mailing address, telephone number, along with the name, address, telephone, and tax ID of the educational institution and the financial/program point of contact.

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