Energizer Award


The Energizer Award recognizes “behind the scenes” volunteer contributions that have supported the Test and Evaluation community and/or member organizations.


Candidates do not need to be a member of ITEA.  The award may be presented to an individual or team. Each ITEA chapter or member organization may nominate up to two individuals.  A person can receive the “Energizer” recognition award only once. A candidate need not be of a technical background; any volunteer may be nominated.

Evaluation Criteria:
  1. A recipient of this volunteer award should be a person who offers themselves for a service without obligation to do so and without monetary compensation from ITEA or any other organization.
  2. The length of time of contributions need not be of any specific length of time.  The impact of contribution over the specified period of time is the important factor.
  3. The volunteer needs to demonstrate a professional demeanor and demonstration of a “Can do” attitude.
  4. Specific impacts of the contributions to T&E
  5. Specific impacts of the contributions to ITEA.
  6. Specific impacts of the contributions to the local community which includes raising T&E awareness.


Past Recipients

2007 Sean Dobbin (Antelope Valley) & Natalie Stewart (China Lake Chapter)

2008 Stacy Cabrera (Francis Scott Key Chapter)

2009 Fred McCoy (George Washington Chapter)

2010 Cathy Pritts (Francis Scott Key Chapter)

2011 Leigh Christian (Rocket City Chapter)

2012 Bruce Einfalt (Penn State Chapter)

2013 Steve Woffinden (Valley of the Sun Chapter)

2014 Kathi Swagerty (Valley of the Sun Chapter)

2015 Jonathan "Jon" Denning (Antelope Valley Chapter)

2016 Lena Moran (White Sands Chapter)

2017 Chris L. Susman (Francis Scott Key Chapter)


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