Junior Achiever Award

Description: The Junior Achiever Award recognizes a young professional who, during his/her first 5 years of practicing in the T&E field, has accomplished a significant achievement(s) which enhances and strengthens the T&E profession.

Eligibility: ITEA membership is not a requirement for eligibility, but will be considered during the Committee’s selection process. The candidate must be nominated by a mentor, supervisor, or colleague. Teams, organizations, or institutions are ineligible for this award. ITEA can give multiple awards or if the Committee deems that no suitable nomination has been received one year, the award will not be granted.

Evaluation Criteria:

  1. Individual has been actively practicing in the Test and Evaluation profession for five (5) years or less.
  2. Accomplishment of a significant achievement, or achievements, which contribute to promoting excellence in the T&E profession and enhancing the status of the T&E professional.
  3. Activities demonstating this might include, but are not limited to:
    •  Getting involoved in the T&E community to change or improve processes and procedures to achieve a "best practice."
    •  Developiong a new approach to an old problem/new thinking/development new strategies/process.
    •  Completing a special project that demonstrats a clear and vested interest in advancing the T&E profession.


Past Recipients


2011 Captain Travis Bryce

2012 Michael Modica

2013 Laura Freeman, PhD

2014 Nicolas Holthaus

2015 David T. Barnette

2016 O'Bryan Darnell Woods

2017 Tiana Freericks


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