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Elevating the Test and Evaluation Profession through a Globally Recognized Credential 

The following individuals have successfully met all of the requirements and have been recently awarded the CTEP designation--which recognizes those who demonstrate: They meet the minimum level of competency in the requisite Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs) that have been identified by T&E subject-matter experts (SMEs); Their commitment to maintain currency in the field; and, Their dedication to advancing the profession. Please join us in congratulating these T&E professionals on their latest achievement!

Allan V. Alfafara, CTEP - Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems

MAJ Cornelius Allen, USA, CTEP - PEO Aviation

Dana Allen, CTEP - Air Force Space And Missile Systems Center

Benjamin Andersen, CTEP - Modern Technology Solutions, Inc.

Rebecca L. Badgley, CTEP - Advanced Management Strategies Group

Suzanne M. Beers, Ph.D., CTEP - The MITRE Corporation

William "Dave" Bell, Ph.D., CTEP - The MITRE Corporation

David Scott Bough, CTEP - Prevailance, Inc.

Richard Boyer, CTEP - Scientific Research Corporation (SRC)

Rebecca Bradshaw, CTEP - TransCore

Gabrielle Bradway, CTEP - Alion Science And Technology

Gary Brandstrom, CTEP - Parsons

Robert Brassell, CTEP - Wyle CAS Group

E. Wyatt Brigham, CTEP - Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems

C. David Brown, Ph.D., CTEP - Office of the Secretary of Defense

John Burke, CTEP - JRAD

Lyle Kent Burkhart, CTEP - 605 TES

Mark Carpenter, CTEP - The BOEING Company

Thomas Cash, CTEP - CGI Federal

Peter Christensen, CTEP - The MITRE Corporation

Peter G. Crump, CTEP - Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI)

Paul R. Dailey, Ph.D., CTEP - Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab

Keith Dillingham, CTEP - Life Cycle Engineering

Leslie A. Donoghue, CTEP - TASC

William Eischens, CTEP - Modern Technology Solutions, Inc. (MTSI)

Justin C. Everett, CTEP - Joint Research and Development (JRAD)

Michael Flynn, Ph.D., CTEP - Defense Acquisition University (DAU)

Mary Elizabeth Fraser, CTEP - AMERICAN SYSTEMS

Christine Fuentes, CTEP - The MITRE Corporation

Ralph R. Galetti, CTEP - Boeing-SVS

Jeffrey Gay, CTEP - NAVAIR/Tekla Research Inc.

John Geskey, CTEP - Applied Physics Laboratory/The Johns Hopkins University

Priscilla Glasow, Ph.D., CTEP - The MITRE Corporation

Duane Goehing, CTEP - Institute for Defense Analyses (IDA)

David L. Goodson, CTEP - Monkey Business Consulting, LC

Melforde Granger, CTEP - Department Of Defense

Greg Griffitt, CTEP - Avian Engineering, LLC

Michael Guidry, CTEP - Jacobs Engineering

Phil Hallenbeck, CTEP - MITRE Corporation

John Heavener, CTEP - Schafer Corporation

Alexander F. Henning, CTEP - U.S. Air Force

Bradford Henson, CTEP - SAIC

Bryan Herdlick, CTEP - Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

Martin Hilton, CTEP - BAE Systems

Brian Paul Hodgkinson, CTEP - Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems

Marc L. Hoffman, CTEP - Booz Allen Hamilton

Debbie Y. Hugh, CTEP - Deloitte Consulting

Christopher M. Huiett, CTEP - Alion Science And Technology


Ronald E. Jackson, CTEP - TASC, Inc.

Rory Jennings, CTEP - The MITRE Corporation

Darryl Johnson, CTEP - Scientific Research Corp. (SRC)

Garfield S. Jones, CTEP - Department of Homeland Security

Harold Kang, CTEP - United States Marine Corp

Carolyn Keith, CTEP - TASC, Inc.

Karen Kissinger, CTEP - TASC, Inc.

Daniel Knaus, CTEP - Tekla Research, Inc.

Shannon Krammes, CTEP - Marine Corps Operational Test And Evaluation Activity

Chad Lauffer, CTEP - USMC/Amphibious Vehicle Test Branch

Robert Learner, CTEP - MEI Technologies, Inc.

Michael Lilienthal, Ph.D., CTEP - EWA Government Systems, Inc.

Mark London, CTEP - Naval Air Warfare Center

Eric Lowy, CTEP - FAA

Matthew Lua, CTEP - Marine Corps Operational Test And Evaluation Activity

E P Lukert, CTEP - US Army Geospatial Center

Thomas McGowan, CTEP - Marine Corps Operational Test and Evaluation Activity

Charles McKee, CTEP - T&E Executive

Martin J. Mears, CTEP- Jacobs Technology

Henry C Merhoff, CTEP - Louis P. Solomon Consulting Group

John Moloko, CTEP - Cask LLC

John Nixon, CTEP - TASC, Inc

William J. Parker, CTEP - Joint Interoperability Test Command

Al Pepper, CTEP - Scientific Research Corporation (SRC)

Larry Pigue, CTEP - SPARTA, Inc.

Chelsea Prendergast, CTEP - Joint Research and Development, Incorporated

Mark Price, CTEP - DASD (DT&E)/Foxhole Technology

Joseph F. Puett III, CTEP - ManTech International

Orlando P. Quimba, CTEP - TASC, Inc.

LtCol Mark Raffetto, USMC, CTEP - Marine Corps Operational Test And Evaluation Activity

Eric Rannenberg, CTEP - Tekla Research, Inc.

Marlon Ridley, CTEP - DigiFlight

Patrick Rolow, CTEP - Alion Science And Technology

Erwin R. Sabile, CTEP - Booz Allen Hamilton

Thomas Sachse, CTEP - PEO SUB

David Schoonenberg, CTEP - The MITRE Corporation

Jonathan Selby, CTEP - The MITRE Corporation

Sonia T. Sethi, CTEP - Booz Allen Hamilton


Mike Short, CTEP - G2, Inc.

Anthony Shumskas, CTEP - TASC, Inc.

William P. Singletary, CTEP - AFOTEC/Det 6

Laura A. Snyder, CTEP - Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC)


Keith Sumner, CTEP - Booz Allen Hamilton

William J. Swank, CTEP - DASD(DT&E)

David L. Thomas, CTEP - RoundTable Defense, LLC

Miles Thompson, CTEP - Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI)

Steven Tran, CTEP - Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems

Josh Tribble, CTEP - AVW Technologies

Wallace John Tubell, CTEP - Defense Acquisition University (DAU)

Gregory Turner, CTEP - The MITRE Corporation

Malcolm G.Tutty, CTEP - DTRMC

Peter Tyson, CTEP - Avian Engineering, LLC

James Watson, Ph.D., CTEP - JRAD

Michael Weibel, Ph.D., CTEP - JRAD

Corrie Wells, CTEP - AASKI Technology, Inc.

Terrance Westerfield, CTEP - U.S. Army Test & Evaluation Command (TEC)

Steven K. Whitehead, CTEP - Naval Sea Systems Command

David Zehr, CTEP - 419 FLTS/DOO

Chad Williams, CTEP - MCOTEA



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Go here to download the CTEP Application (PDF Format)





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