Publications Award


The Publication Award recognizes outstanding contributions to T&E literature.  ITEA presents this award to honor individuals whose published books or technical papers have improved and increased the general body of knowledge relevant to better understanding and development of T&E technology. The literary works considered may be broad in scope or may address a single functional area that is included under the T&E umbrella.


The Publications Award may be awarded to any author or authors whose literary work is of high quality and addresses test and evaluation topics. Membership in ITEA is not required; however, the literary works for which the author is nominated should complement ITEA’s goals. Co-authors are eligible for joint recognition. Teams, organizations, or institutions are not eligible. The following prerequisites also apply:

  • Published work must be original and must adhere to the accepted practices of scholarly research methods. Proper credits must be given where material is drawn from other sources; the conclusions are to be suitably justified, and statements of opinion are to be identified as such.
  • An author can only receive this award one time for the same publication.
  • Only published works available to the public will be considered.

Evaluation Criteria

  1. Published works will generally be ranked according to the following hierarchy:
    • Books by a single author.
    • Books by co-authors.
    • Books by an editor.
    • Monograph series.
    • Monograph.
    • Refereed article in a published journal.
    • Tutorial text.
    • Television script, where authorship is specified.
  2. Relative impact of the published work in terms of its influence in the T&E field.
  3. The degree to which the author drew upon approved research methods in the justification of any conclusions.
  4. The organization of the published material, editorial style, and conciseness of presentation.

Past Recipients

1990 Emil J. Eichblatt and Jacques S. Gansler, PhD

1991 John L. Miles and John K. Hawley

1992 Gerald R. Holiday

1993 Robin M. Brandin

1994 James F. O’ Bryon

1995 Stuart H. Starr, PhD

1996 MAJ William J. Norton, USAF

1997 Matthew T. Reynolds

1998 Suzanne M. Beers, PhD and George J. Vachtsevanos

1999 MAJ James H. Baker, USAF

2000 MAJ Kelly S. Lauritzen, USA

2001 Tommie W. Curtis

2002 Randon R. Herrin, Neil L. Barrett, Bryon G. Baker and Robert A. Koyak

2003 Brian J. Riley

2004 Jeffrey Peterson, PhD, Hal Meyer, Dennis L. Jones and Michael J. O’Connor

2005 Lydia Bock, PhD, Dr. Yehuda Bock, Jeffrey Fayman, Ph.D., Thomas J. Macdonald and John H. Merts

2006 Daniel S. Skelley and Raymond Faulstich

2007 John A. Stine, PhD

2008 Dennis L. Boesen

2009 Robert C. Michelson

2010 Rick Dove

2011 Tim Owen, Rob Scott, Roy and Campbell, PhD

2012 Bernard “Chip” Ferguson, Dr.Michael Lilienthal, Christopher Yglesias, David Brown, and Natalie Apuzzo

2013 Darlene Mosser-Kerner, Rick S. Thomas, Suzanne Beers, PhD

2014 Michael Badger, Dennis Bushmitch, PhD, Mr. Rick Cozby, John Harwig, PhD, and Mr. Brian Hobson

2015 Edward Kraft, PhD and Lieutenant David Stebbins

2016 Richard A. Kass, PhD

2017 Paola Pringle, Hank Steinfeld, Patrick Lardieri, Michael Lilienthal, and David Brown


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