Special Achievement Award

Description: The Special Achievement Award recognizes a recent outstanding achievement in T&E engineering, technology, or management such as the solution of a major problem or a notable project success for which there is evidence that tangible benefits have accrued.

Eligibility: ITEA membership is not a requirement for eligibility, but will be considered during the Committee’s selection process. The award may be presented to an individual, team, or organization.

Evaluation Criteria:

  1. Demonstrated innovated utilization of management tools to enhance the execution of a T&E plan.
  2. Developed innovative concepts and processes for utilization during the planning, execution, and reporting of T&E events.
  3. Utilized creative management tools to control cost and schedule.
  4. Utilized innovative approaches, processes, or concepts for resolving problems and/or critical T&E issues.
  5. Provided quick, accurate, and responsive feedback to the decision maker.
  6. Developed, coordinated, and completed timely, accurate, precise, and comprehensive reports.
  7. Executed a T&E event in a timely and efficient manner resulting in project savings.
  8. Placed emphasis on the safety of human resources and the proper maintenance of the testing environment.

Past Recipients

1991 COL Charles Quisenberry, USAF

1992 Robert Hamilton

1993 Charles T. Jennings

1994 MAJ Stephen Herrlinger, USAF

1995 CDR Thomas R. McCarthy, USN

1996 COL Robert C. Brown, USAF

1997 Rodney D. Timm

1998 Heidi L. Mohlenbrok

1999 Robert R. ‘JR’ Smullen

2000 ABL STAR Scintillometer Team

2001 X-40A Flight Test Team

2002 Clyde M. Shook

2003 Charles C. South

2004 Kendall C. Elliott and Test Team Members NSWC

2005 George R. Ryan, Jr.

2006 Jeffrey Peterson and Ty John Burden

2007 Reed Robinson

2008 59th Test and Evaluation Squadron

2009 Family of Beyond Line of Sight Terminals (FAB-T) Test Team

2010 Lightweight Torpedo Mk 54 Red Path Testing Team

2011 Dragon Spear Combined Test  Force Team

2012 Shane Esola

2013 UCAS-D Test Team, Northrop Grumman

2014 Global Reach CTF C-17 MDA AirdropTest Team

2015 X-47B UCAS-D Integrated Test Team, U.S. Navy/Northrop Grumman Corp.

2016 SBIRS System Test Team

2017 Jaco Loubser

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