ITEA Test & Evaluation Professional Awards

ITEA Test & Evaluation Professional Awards

ITEA is proud to honor those that advance the T&E community through their contributions to both the T&E Profession, as well as to the Association. ITEA presents six (6) ITEA T&E Professional Awards which recognize contributions to the T&E Profession, and three (3) ITEA Awards which recognize contributions to the Association. These awards are presented at the ITEA Annual International T&E Symposium. 

ITEA is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2020 T&E Professional Awards

ITEA is pleased to host a modified, virtual program during its Annual International T&E Symposium, being held online the week of September 15-18. 

Technical Achievement Award

The John Akers Global Positioning System Solution Team

The John Akers Global Positioning System Solution (JAGS) team distinguished themselves from 8 November 2019 to  6 May  2020 in  developing, installing,  and testing a highly  accurate  and affordable TSPI  system, able to  score missile flight tests against aerial targets. The team responded to an urgent need from a high priority weapon system to develop an expendable, low  cost TSPI  solution increasing accuracy by  85% through telemetry integrated with the Gulf  Range Infrastructure and full-scale aerial targets. With cost savings of  $4 million and 9 months ahead of schedule,  the  JAGS   team  accomplished   concept  development,    detailed  design, flight  test, and  air  worthiness certification to  deliver  JAGS   early, enabling  real-time  scoring  capability of  a  high-profile  missile  system’s developmental test, exceeding the customer’s requirements. JAGS provided the Eglin Gulf Test and Training Range real-time  TSPI   scoring   capability for  new   weapons    technology   that  current   scoring  systems   could  not accommodate.  The  team  proved  the  innovative  use  of    existing  technology,  integrated  with current  Air  Force platforms can provide improved capability for the weapons of  the future.

Special Achievement Award

KC-46A Operational Test Team

The  KC-46A  Operational  Test  Team  is  presented  this  Special  Achievement  Award  for  innovative  approaches, practices, and management processes applied while executing the KC-46A Initial Operational Test and Evaluation from July  1, 2019 to June  30, 2020. As a vanguard in global reach innovation, the $52 billion KC-46A program will significantly increase air refueling, aeromedical evacuation, airlift, and survivability across the spectrum of  military operations.  To  expedite  real-time  operational  test  results, the test team  pioneered   an  adaptive  and  agile  test approach to deliver multiple platform firsts including cybersecurity and Aeromedical Evacuation testing, as well as passenger   and  international  cargo  transport  testing.  Moreover,  AFOTEC’s early  involvement and  innovative approaches to air refueling testing led to the identification of  acute Remote Vision System deficiencies and through collaboration with the Air Force Research Laboratory, drove a vendor-funded $551 million correction. Additionally, the test team identified  systemic cargo loading  shortfalls and, as part of  the contractor advisory board, designed new methodologies to reduce load times by 66%. Finally, the test team achieved strategic stakeholder involvement in  38  system recommendations  across  key  performance  parameters  by  pioneering  a groundbreaking  continuous reporting  process,  increasing  speed  and  information   fidelity  to  key  decision  makers  by  360%.  ITEA  proudly recognizes this outstanding team and their outstanding accomplishments.

Richard G. Cross Award

Mr. Terry Murphy, Department of Homeland Security

The Cross Award was established in honor of  the late Major General Richard G. Cross, Jr ., USAF (Ret), one of  the most highly respected individuals in the field of  T&E in the 20th century. ITEA presents this award to recognize outstanding achievements in  the  development  or administration  of  T&E  education. ITEA recognizes Mr. Terry Murphy for his exceptional efforts leading to a complete overhaul of  the T&E workforce development program at the Department of  Homeland Security. He converted the Department’s initial test and evaluation training program modeled on a Department of Defense curriculum to a program more suited to Department of  Homeland Security goals and policy. Mr. Murphy’s efforts have led to the increase in certified T&E professionals, who are trained in DHS T&E relevant policy and specialties within T&E such as reliability, STAT and agile development. This trained workforce has been a contributor to the increase in successful T&E outcomes within DHS, resulting in the fielding of  effective, suitable and resilient solutions to protect the homeland. Mr. Murphy’s efforts reflect great credit upon himself, the Office of Test and Evaluation and the Department of Homeland Security.

Dr. Wilson N. Felder II Junior Achiever Award

Mr. Rigel Ifland, NUWC Division, Keyport 

Mr. Rigel Ifland has exhibited unparalleled innovation, initiative, and ability in the adaptation and adoption of  new technologies that positively impact the Test and Evaluation community.   He has introduced new software tools  that increase  the  fidelity, depth,  and rigor  of data  analysis while  concurrently  decreasing inefficiencies  in  data  analysis  processes  and  procedures.  As  a  result,  stakeholders  receive  high  quality objective evidence to make risk-based decisions and in turn, can provide superior support the Fleet. ITEA is pleased  to  recognize Mr.   Ifland in his  new   role in the  T&E    profession  for his outstanding accomplishments and significant achievements that enhanced and strengthened the T&E profession.

Publication Award

Dr. Ya Lun Li

Dr. Li’s article,  “Model-Based  Systems and Test  Engineering using  System Mission-Oriented Design  of Experiment Approach” published in the September 2019 issue of The Journal  of Test and Evaluation is a great illustration of  how  interdisciplinary fields of  research  are needed   to  solve complex   test and evaluation challenges.  Dr. Li identifies  the disconnects between requirements-based T&E  and mission- based  systems  engineering  (MBSE).     Using  innovative  graphics  and  clear  analytical  processes,  Dr.  Li provides 4 steps connecting design of  experiments test approach to MBSE.  His illustrative example shows the value of  the approach, which culminates in compelling contour plots that allow for mission capability assessment.   The Journal  of  Test  and Evaluation is  the premier publication  for the Test  and Evaluation industry and ITEA is proud to recognize Dr. Li with this year’s Publication Award.

Board of  Directors Award

Eileen A. Bjorkman, PhD. 

A lifetime member of  ITEA, Dr. Eileen Bjorkman has contributed her time and skills generously and effectively to our Association and has been a mainstay in its growth, development, goals, and mission. Most recently, her term as Treasurer was distinguished by a long overdue analysis and overhaul of  ITEA’s financial management structure. Dr. Bjorkman was instrumental  in  identifying  numerous  improvements  in  the  financial  controls  and  was  the  driving  force  in  updating ITEA’s accounting system to provide more insight into revenues and expenses over time for ascertaining the impact of financial results  from ITEA  events,  tracking  understanding  ITEA’s financial position,  and  managing  the  cash  flow in ITEA.    After  completing her term as Treasurer, Dr. Bjorkman  served as Chair of  the Ways  and Means  Committee to continue the financial rehabilitation of  ITEA.  Her service on the Board is ending this year but ITEA will be indebted to Dr. Bjorkman for years to come. Her persistent leadership and dedication have been instrumental in securing the future of  ITEA.  It  is  with  great  pleasure  that  the  Board  of Directors  recognize  Dr.  Eileen  Bjorkman  for  her  outstanding contributions to ITEA.

President’s Award

Ms. Jeong Min Kim 

Min Kim has been making a positive impact on ITEA and its membership for several years. As past president of  the Emerald Coast Chapter, Min was instrumental in bringing the ITEA Cyber Workshop to Eglin in 2018 and continues to lead her team of volunteers as they plan and execute this highly successful event.  Motivated to make a positive impact on the T&E community, she was responsible for creating a new Lunch and Learn Series to serve the ITEA membership and benefit the T&E community. Her innovative concept generates a broader audience – grows ITEA; promotes T&E education – aligns with the mission of  ITEA; and builds enthusiasm for the community – bringing ITEA into the future. It is my distinct honor to recognize Jeong Min Kim as the recipient of the 2020 ITEA President’s Award.

Energizer Award

Danielle Kauffman

As a relatively new member at ITEA, Danielle Kauffman has earned the Energizer Award  for her behind the scenes work on the ITEA Journal of Test and Evaluation.  Whenever needed, Danielle quickly helps the Journal Committee with creative flair.  With tough deadlines and constant need for information, Danielle is always ready and always has an answer.  Her fresh and innovative ideas will help launch the Journal into the new phases for 2021 and beyond.  ITEA is proud to recognize Danielle Kauffman for all of her efforts.

The Allen R. Matthews Award 

Mr. Bernard (Chip) Ferguson

Mr. Bernard (Chip) Ferguson has dedicated over 30 years of his career at the forefront of improving Test and Evaluation (T&E) through engineering, procedural, organizational, and policy solutions for rigorous systems test and evaluation, enhancing national security through soldier and weapons systems operability. His leadership in implementing these concrete, actionable solutions to T&E challenges has shaped the breadth of the T&E community, including contractor support to technical and personnel solutions for financial systems planning, programming, and budgeting; Major Ranges and Test Facilities Base (MRTFB) management and oversight; expanded use and support of the Joint Test and Evaluation Program, spawning numerous solutions to Joint Operations with the data to provide confidence in execution; standing up the Joint Mission Environment Test Capability (JMETC) for classified, distributed T&E across the national test ranges; operationalization of the National Cyber Range (NCRC) for sustained DoD use; and standing up of the office of Executive Agent for Cyber Ranges, as its founding Deputy. Chip Ferguson has led the T&E community through creative solutions to numerous challenges, and his impact will be treasured far into the future.


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Special Recognition for Contributions to the T&E Profession:

Matthews Award
Named after Dr. Allen R. Matthews, founder and first president of ITEA. It is presented to an individual for a lasting, significant contribution to the field of T&E, such as the cumulative effect of a distinguished career. The Allen R. Matthews award is the highest award bestowed by ITEA. The recipient must be a member of ITEA.

Special Achievement Award
Given for an exceptional special act of achievement in T&E, such as the solution of a major problem, or a notable project success for which there is evidence that tangible benefits have accrued.

Cross Award
Named after the late Major General Richard G. Cross, Jr., USAF, a highly respected figure in T&E and one of the first directors of ITEA. It is presented to an individual, team, or organization for a significant contribution to education for T&E in teaching, administration, or research.

Publications Award
Recognizes outstanding contributions to test and evaluation literature. Given for a book, technical paper, or article that improves or increases the body of knowledge and understanding of T&E. Published works must be original.

Technical Achievement Award
Recognizes an individual or group for outstanding achievement in applying instrumentation, information technology, modeling and simulation, time-space-positioning information, electro-optics technology, or other T&E technology to cause a test and evaluation program to be better, faster, and less expensive.

Dr. Wilson N. Felder, II, Junior Achiever Award
The Junior Achiever Award recognizes a young professional who, during his/her first 5 years of practicing in the T&E field, has accomplished a significant achievement(s) which enhances and strengthens the T&E profession.

Special Recognition for Contributions to the Association:

Energizer Award
Recognizes “behind the scenes” volunteer contributions that have supported the Test and Evaluation community and/or member organizations.

President’s Award
The President’s Award was established in 1996 to give the president of ITEA the prerogative of acknowledging individuals whom he or she deems worthy of recognition.

Board of Directors Award
The Board of Directors Award, established in 1997, is presented to an individual who has contributed to the growth, development, goals, and mission of the Association.

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