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14th Test Technology Review

September 26-27, 2018 - Huntsville, AL

ITEA Test Technology Review

14th Test Technology Review Call For Papers

Testing Tomorrow’s Technology with Today’s Capabilities


The 2018 ITEA Test Technology Review Workshop is scheduled for September 26-27, 2018 with the theme “Testing Tomorrow’s Technology with Today’s Capabilities”. Current test and evaluation capabilities haven’t kept pace with state-of-the-art technologies being developed and designed into commercial and military systems. Innovative test approaches using current test capability infrastructure as well as more capable instrumentation and measurement systems will be required to adequately address this challenge. Examples of these advanced technologies include robotics, artificial intelligence, nano-scale electronics, high performance sensors, 5G wireless systems, and complex human machine interfaces.


ITEA is a 501(c)(3) professional education association dedicated to the education and advancement of the test and evaluation profession. Registration fees, membership dues, and sponsorships are tax deductible.

Your sponsorship dollars help defer the cost of the Symposium and support the ITEA scholarship fund, which assists deserving students in their pursuit of academic disciplines related to the test and evaluation profession. Sponsorship and related benefits will become effective on receipt of payment.

NOTE:  This ITEA event is a non-competitive environment meant for a free exchange of ideas and information. 


All presenters will be given the opportunity to have their papers published in The ITEA Journal. Workshop participants will receive, within 30-45 days following the meeting, a link to comprehensive, unclassified materials from key note and special guest speakers, panel sessions, technical tracks and technical papers.


Presentation topics must either be about advanced technologies, challenges in testing advanced technologies, or advanced technologies that could improve current test capabilities. Authors are strongly encouraged to submit both a paper and presentation however the paper is not required. All materials must be cleared for public release, so please start your internal release process as soon as possible.

Deadline for abstract submissions is July 6, 2018. Authors will be notified of acceptance by july 27, 2018. Full papers and presentations are due by September 7, 2018.

Full papers are especially solicited and will be considered for publication in The ITEA Journal of Test and Evaluation. Manuscript guidelines are found at www.itea.org.under the Publications tab. All papers and presentations must be cleared for public release. Full papers are due by October 12, 2018.


If you’ve conducted ground-breaking research, used “best-in-class” techniques, deployed  successful processes, or developed unique procedures in the field of test and evaluation, work that your peers would be interested in learning, presenting at ITEA Workshops is an important part of your professional development, by providing you with an amazing opportunity to learn from your peers, share your experiences, and contribute to advancing the Test and Evaluation profession.

Presenting at the Test Technology Review provides you the chance to:

  • Represent your field of interest, allowing researchers in other disciplines, policymakers, and the public to become aware of the innovative work being generated in your particular area of expertise;
  • Practice your presentation skills;
  • Help you develop the expertise needed to discuss your work in a clear and meaningful way;
  • Learn how to answer specific questions and present your work to a range of individuals (who may or may not be familiar with your field of research);
  • Contribute to your overall professional profile by showing others that you regularly disseminate your work to colleagues, as well as that you keep up-todate on cutting-edge and best practices in T&E; and,
  • Help you establish contacts that will foster friendships with other motivated T&E professionals who can be resources for you at any stage of your career.


Presentations at ITEA events should:

  • Contribute technically sound knowledge in a particular area of test and evaluation;
  • Present new knowledge or experience that has not been published previously; and,
  • Not be commercial, marketing, or “infomercial” in nature. The presentation’s introductory slide is the only slide that may contain the presenter’s company name and/or logo. Presentations that promote specific companies, organizations, products, or services are reserved for the Exhibit Hall or Vendor Track Sessions, and strictly prohibited in Pre-Workshop sessions (including tutorials, demonstrations, and other presentations), and the Workshop Plenary and Technical Track sessions.


If you would like to also submit a paper for consideration for publication in The ITEA Journal of Test and Evaluation you will need to prepare a full manuscript that adheres to the Journal guidelines. The submitting author must also complete and sign a copyright agreement and release form. Visit www.itea.org/Journal for the manuscript guidelines.


  • Technologies that improve open-air and laboratory test capabilities of advanced technology such as robotics, unmanned vehicles, nano-scale electronics, high performance sensors, 5G wireless systems, and complex human machine interfaces.
  • Specific examples where industry has had to test new and emerging technologies and how industry overcame these problems.
  • Transformational technologies of concern to programs that will present test challenges for their system under development such as non-lethal weapons, directed energy, cockpit redesign for future aircraft, or the need for networked systems capabilities.
  • Emerging system upgrades that that could cause significant disruptions to T&E to include movement toward composite materials, testing in GPS-denied environments, the use of UAS as part of range instrumentation, and the need for miniaturized instrumentation systems for miniature UAS, smaller missile systems, etc.
  • Innovative Science and Technology (S&T) initiatives with potential to revolutionize modern systems to include the potential long-term impact of current S&T initiatives for weapon systems testing in the future.
  • Innovative methodologies to conduct Cyber testing and new approaches to evaluate the results of Cyber tests, including those associated with advanced data / predictive analytics
  • Efficient test processes for an information saturated environment
  • Integration,  test and evaluation, including prediction of future behavior, of systems that incorporate artificial intelligence and cognitive/adaptive/machine-learning algorithms
  • Improvements to T&E processes to collect, manage, process, and analyze the massive quantities of data that are available in increasingly complex data structures
  • Use of additive manufacturing for T&E which includes novel processes to rapidly create and fabricate components and systems.
  • Vendors should brief a way in which their company has addressed an advanced technology challenge in relation to T&E.  



The 2018 Test Technology Review will be held in Huntsville, Alabama.  We are currently looking at several possible locations within Cummings Research Park for this event.


The Test Technology Review provides 4 contact hours of instruction (4 CEUs) for each half-day, 8 contact hours of instruction (8 CEUs) for each full-day, or 16 contact hours of instruction (16 CEUs) for attending the full Test Technology Review, that are directly applicable to your professional development program, including the Certified Test and Evaluation Professional Credential (CTEP).



Early Bird Registration until August 13th
$350 – Regular Registration*
$250 – ITEA Member / Government Employee / Active Duty Military

Regular Registration August 14th to September 3rd
$400 – Regular Registration*
$300 – ITEA Member / Government Employee / Active Duty Military

Late Registration after Septembr 3rd
$425 – Regular Registration*
$325 – ITEA Member / Government Employee / Active Duty Military

*Regular Registration rate includes one-year membership to ITEA.


SUBSTITUTION AND CANCELLATION POLICY: Substitutions are permitted. Refunds are not available within ten (10) days prior to the start of the event. Requests for cancellation submitted between ten (10) to 45 days prior to start date of the event will be subject to a $250 cancellation fee. Requests for cancellation greater than 45 days prior to the start date of the event will be subject to a $100 cancellation fee.


Review Program Co-Chairs – Mr. Mike McFalls and Mr. Lewis Hundley
Technical / STEM Co-Chairs – Mark Brown, PhD, and Mr. Elliot Laramie
Sponsorship/ Advertising Chair – Mr. Lewis Hundley
Facility Chair – Mr. Tom Cash
Registration – Mr. James Gaidry, CAE –  jgaidry@itea.org 
Contact the planning committee at Test_Technology@itea.org

Event Details


26 - 27 Sep 2018


8:00 am - 5:00 pm


Huntsville, AL

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