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37th International Test and Evaluation Symposium: Enabling Acquisition and Capability Development

Hosted by the ITEA Central Florida Chapter

Tue, Sep 15 – Pre-Symposium Tutorials
Wed-Fri, Sep 16-18 – Symposium Plenary and Technical Sessions
Wyndham Orlando Resort International Drive – Orlando, FL


This year, the International Test and Evaluation Association Symposium comes back to Orlando! Our theme for this event is “Test and Evaluation – Enabling Acquisition and Capability Development” with a focus on how test and evaluation (T&E) is applied to deliver fully-capable systems to warfighters. The greater Orlando area is known for early use of modeling and simulation for acquisition of training and weapons systems, simulation for space exploration and entertainment, medical training systems, and, more recently, for accelerating the development of operational warfighting capability. There could be no better location to present, test, and, evaluate ideas about how the T&E community can improve processes, methods, products, systems, personnel training, and the speed of delivery for future warfighting capability. We are planning more than 30 technical sessions to cover the many ways that improvements of T&E can be used to enable acquisition or improve capability development. Please submit your abstracts for technical presentations and for tutorials related to this theme, and we welcome discussions about your ideas as we seek ways to better enable acquisition and capability development for our warfighters.

CALL FOR PAPERS - Technical Sessions and Tutorials

Abstract Submission Form – DUE June 1, 2020


Abstract topics must be pertinent to the suggested topics, non-marketing in scope, and no longer than 500 words. The abstract should succinctly describe the contents of the paper or presentation. All presenters are responsible for having their final submissions cleared by the authorizing agent for public release. Abstracts accepted for presentation, along with the slides, will be available online for attendees after the Symposium concludes. Once abstracts are accepted, authors will be notified by June 15, 2020 and will be given the contact information for their Session Chair. Authors can choose to write a paper and present or abstain from writing the paper and make a presentation only.


Tutorials that address the theme of the symposium are being requested. Pending final program decisions, the tutorials will be scheduled in two 4-hour blocks on Tuesday, September 15, 2020. Tutorials must be strictly non-marketing in scope, unclassified, and public releasable. Please provide a synopsis of tutorial no later than June 1, 2020 to Symposium@itea.org.

Abstract Submission Form – DUE June 1, 2020

Abstracts: Tutorials_May 2020

Application of Scientific Test and Analysis Techniques (STAT) Beyond DOE in Test and Evaluation
Leonard F Truett, Air Force Institute of Technology

Design of Experiments (DOE) for Promoters and Practitioners
Mark Kiemele, Air Academy Associates

Ethically-aligned Experimentation and T&E for Decision Making with Complex Systems
Keith Joiner, Malcolm G. Tutty, UNSW ADFA

Introduction to Cybersecurity Test and Evaluation
Pete Christensen, MITRE

Incorporating T&E into Acquisition Contracts
Terry Murphy and Patrick Kastner, DHS T&E

Laser System T&E Challenges
Douglas H. Nelson, Teknicare, Inc., Mark Stevens, Robert Harney, Naval Postgraduate School

Overcoming Challenges in Distributed T&E
Gene Hudgins, TRMC JMETC

T&E in Support of Agile: Test and Evaluation for Information Technology Acquisition
Robin Poston, University of Memphis, Wayne Dumais, DHS

The Evolving Role of T&E
Matt Reynolds, Consultant



  • Advanced Instrumentation & Next Generation Networks: Secure; Flexible; Available.
  • Agile Methods for Software Delivery to Programs: For ease of Testing as Delivered; Delivery Methods & Techniques; What is the S/W Delivery Challenges?
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) T&E: AI to Improve T&E Acquisition, and Capability; System Implementation of AI for Facilitating T&E; Security Evaluation; Accelerated Acquisition.
  • Autonomous Systems Developmental Testing: To Reduce Risk; To Increase Availability; To Increase T&E Effectiveness & Efficiency
  • The Continuing Threat: Gap Analysis; T&E Requirements Forecast; T&E Models; Counter Control Measures T&E.
  • Cyber Security: Improving Cyber Security Tools, Accelerating Cybersecurity, and Growing the Cyber Security Workforce; Weapon Systems Cyber Hardening for New and Legacy Weapons Systems and Supporting Infrastructure; DevSecOps and Agile Methods for Accelerated Delivery of Capable Software with Built-in Cybersecurity.
  • Data Analytics & Automated Test Reporting: No Data left behind; Responsiveness; Clarity of Data; Data Relevance.
  • Directed Energy: DE Test Infrastructure and Instrumentation; T & E Safety; Updates.
  • The Future Range: Are we where we need to be? Is the Range Joint Friendly? What is the International involvement? Does the Future Range cover Land, Air, and Sea? Does the infrastructure contain latest and greatest technology?
  • Hypersonics Test & Evaluation: Development; Capabilities; Acquisition.
  • International T&E Challenges: Current & Future Environment; Global Threat; How do we test together?; Success Stories.
  • Live Virtual Constructive T&E: Is the Infrastructure ready for the current Threat? Is the Infrastructure ready for the Emerging Threat? Status of LVC Prototyping for the Early Warfighter Engagement
  • Model-Based Engineering and T&E: To Manage Complexity; To Deliver Advanced Systems Faster.
  • T&E Instrumentation in Contested Environments: Address Position, Navigation, and Timing (PNT); Address Time, Space, Position Information (TSPI).
  • Test & Evaluation Science & Technology: Techniques; Artificial Intelligence; Spectrum Challenges; Space Offense/Defense.


If you have conducted groundbreaking research, used best-in-class techniques, deployed successful processes, or developed unique procedures in the field of test and evaluation, you should be presenting at the Symposium. This is an opportunity for you (or your organization) to engage in exchanging valuable information and lessons learned with your colleagues while contributing to the advancement of the T&E community.
Presenting at ITEA Symposiums provides you the chance to:

  • Represent your field of interest, allowing researchers in other disciplines, policy-makers, and the public to become aware of the innovative work being generated in your particular area of expertise;
  • Practice your presentation skills;
  • Help you develop the expertise needed to discuss your work in a clear and meaningful way;
  • Learn how to answer specific questions and present your work to a range of individuals (who may or may not be familiar with your field of research);
  • Contribute to your overall professional profile by showing others that you regularly disseminat your work to colleagues, as well as that you keep up to date on cutting-edge and best practices in T&E; and,
  • Help you establish contacts that will foster friendships with other motivational T&E professionals who can be resources for you at any stage of your career.


ITEA is a 501(c)(3) professional education association dedicated to the education and advancement of the test and evaluation profession. Registration fees, membership dues, and sponsorship is tax deductible.

Your sponsorship dollars help defer the cost of the Symposium and support the ITEA scholarship fund, which assists deserving students in their pursuit of academic disciplines related to the test and evaluation profession. Sponsorship and related benefits will become effective on receipt of payment.

NOTE:  This ITEA event is a non-competitive environment meant for a free exchange of ideas and information. 



Please submit your Exhibit Application as soon as possible to ensure your get a prime location and that your organization is promoted in The ITEA Journal of Test and Evaluation.



Wyndham Orlando Resort International Drive
8001 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819
Phone: 407-351-2420, Fax: 407-345-5611



One (1) 4-hour Tutorial – $205
Two (2) 4-hour Tutorials – $385


FULL SYMPOSIUM – Includes lunches and Networking Reception
Regular Registration
Includes one (1) year ITEA Membership
$645 – By 8/5
$745 – 8/6 to 8/20
$845 – After 8/20
ITEA Members/Government Employees/Active Duty Military
$495 – By 8/5
$595 – 8/6 to 8/20
$695 – After 8/20

Special Registration
$395 – Plenary Session Panelist or Technical Track/Poster Session Presenter
$200 – Plenary Session Keynote/Guest/Featured Speaker, Plenary Panel Chair, or Technical Track Session Chair

Regular Registration
Includes one (1) year ITEA Membership
$545 – THURSDAY ONLY (2)
$445 – FRIDAY ONLY (3)
ITEA Members/Government Employees/Active Duty Military
$375 – THURSDAY ONLY (2)
$275 – FRIDAY ONLY (3)

(1) Includes Networking Reception
(2) Includes Awards luncheon


Symposium Chair: Dr. Steve Gordon, Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI), Central Florida Chapter President

Deputy Symposium Chair: Dr. C. David Brown, CTEP, Chesapeake Systems Engineering

Technical Program Chair: Mr. Steve Woffinden, General Dynamics Mission Systems

Deputy Technical Chair and Tutorial Chair: Dr. Michael Barton, Parsons Fellow, Army Research Laboratory

Exhibits and Sponsorship Chair: Ms. Eileen Redd, EWA GSI

Awards Committee Chair: Ms. Stephanie Clewer, SA-TECH

Additional Symposium Planners:

Dr. Darryl Ahner, PE, Director of the Scientific Test and Analysis Techniques (STAT) Center of Excellence
Mr. Wayne Dumais, Department of Homeland Security
Mr. John Frederick, Federal Aviation Authority
Dr. Laura Freeman, Virginia Tech, ITEA Journal Editor-in-Chief
Ms. Nicole Michur, Department of Homeland Security
Mr. Terry Murphy, Department of Homeland Security
Ms. Kathi Swagerty, Air Academy Associates, Sec ITEA Valley of the Sun Chapter, Chair ITEA Corporate Development Committee
Mr. Leonard Truett, Stat Center, STAT COE

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15 - 18 Sep 2020


Wyndham Orlando Resort International Drive


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