Lifetime Members

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ITEA thanks these Lifetime Members for their devotion, dedication, and support of the Association, and their personal commitment to the professional excellence embodied in advancing the test and evaluation industry.

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Lifetime Membership in ITEA is available to be purchased at a rate that depends on your age.

  • 59 Years of age and Under – $750
  • 60-70 Years of age – $600
  • 71- 80 Years of age – $400
  • 81 Years of age and Over: Complimentary

If you have any questions about ITEA Lifetime Membership, please contact ITEA, at, or call 1-703-631-6220.

Charles E. Adolph

Rebecca Badgley

Damir Banjanovic

Karen Barker

John V. Bolino

Eileen A. Bjorkman, PhD

Katherine E. Bower

Herbert L. Cheever

Duston Cline

Dick H. Dickson

James B. Duff James

Adam Emond

Duane A. Goehring

Ed Greer

Dwayne T. Hill

Joseph G. Hoeg, Ph.D.

Alan Jenkins

Dianne H. Jordan, Ph.D.

Mark London

William M. Loughlin

Florestan Lucas

Fred K. McCoy

Christian Phillipp Merz

Douglas D. Messer

James A. Neumeister

Peter G. Nikoloff

Parth Patel 

Alan Plishker

Paul A. Polski

John Michael Rafferty, Jr.

Matthew T. Reynolds

Jim Sebolka

Lt Col William P. Singletary, USAF

COL Richard M. Stuckey, USAF Ret

Scott Thompson

COL Dave Wellons, USA RET

Beth Wilson