Events Overview

ITEA Journal of Test and Evaluation

Our Mission is to advance test and evaluation globally by providing professional development resources, best practices, networking, and learning opportunities for the test and evaluation community.

Workshops / Conferences / Symposia

Learn Something New – Concepts and Approaches

  • Government leaders want to hear from Industry partners – together conversations can lead to solutions.
  • Be inspired by our presenters and speakers and interact with them through Q&A sessions or during a lunch, break, or other networking opportunity.
  • Get in a room with like-minded people looking to discover solutions for T&E challenges –Start conversations. Bring results back to your organization.
  • If you are not sitting in the audience to hear the innovative ways the T&E leadership is moving forward – we are fairly certain your competitor will be.

Networking Opportunities – Sponsor to Gain more Visibility

  • Breaks, Lunch & Receptions – We offer the forum to conduct informal discussions to form new relationships and strengthen existing ones.
  • Make professional connections to grow your business network and seek out partnerships.
  • New T&E Professionals meet seasoned experts – Become part of the history of T&E for the future.
  • Take your professional career or your company to the next level.

Advertise your Company’s Products and Services – Exhibit and Demonstrate

  • Brand recognition and additional visibility.
  • Reveal a new product your company is offering with hands-on demonstrations.
  • Face-to-Face – Shaking hands with your future customer or potential partner for a specific opportunity.
  • Remember, it only takes one conversation to set the wheels in motion for a bigger future.

Education is Key – Invest in Yourself and your Professional Development

  • Maintain your credentials by earning your Continuing Education Units (CEUs)
  • Challenge yourself to not only attend and learn – But to participate in the program. Bring fresh ideas back to your organization and be the catalyst for others to bring your ideas to theirs.
  • Gain more knowledge and expertise and become more successful in your career.
  • Don’t ever miss an opportunity for a Q&A session with T&E leaders.

We are Reimagining the Way We Deliver Our Conferences

As the current global situation continues to unfold, we understand that it is not possible to attend our events in person. At the same time, we also understand that collaboration is more vital than ever and for that, you can still rely on ITEA to bring the industry together but in a different way.

Our new virtual events will allow attendees to be able to participate virtually from the comfort and safety of their home or office. The virtual system if a web/browser-based platform that not only will host our keynote presentations and technical sessions but will also have interactive exhibition features and includes plentiful opportunities for sponsorship exposure. We may not be able to gather in person, but nothing stops connection and innovation.

For more information about exhibiting a virtual event, click here.

Why Attend the Virtual Workshop?

Watch Live – Watch presentations, keynotes and panel discussions from top industry thought-leaders all day, every day!

– Comment and question in real time. Spark conversations with your fellow attendees. 


– Missed a session? Catch-up in your own time! Included in the cost of registration is access to all “on-demand” content up until a month after the conference has concluded.

– Connect with your fellow attendees and potential customers!  You will be able to message, schedule meetings and video chat.

Virtual Exhibition
– Search through exhibitors from your own desk and find the latest services and technology solutions for your company.

– Get in-depth answers in real-time in our live Q&A sessions in each presentation and panel!



“This year’s ITEA Cyber Security Workshop was a testament to the outstanding quality of content that ITEA always delivers. Many engineers and customers received great training on some new innovations like our Cyber Range as a Service and many other unique Cyber focused technologies. We look forward to working with ITEA in 2021 and we will be back with more innovation for the next workshop and plan to exhibit again. “
– Chuck Reynolds, CTO, Technical Systems Integrators