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Elevating the Test and Evaluation Profession with a Globally Recognized Credential

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ITEA administers, manages, and awards the Certified Test and Evaluation Professional (CTEP) credential which provides significant benefits to T&E professionals, organizations, and their customers. Over 500 T&E subject-matter experts (SMEs) have been involved in the development of this credential. These SMEs—T&E executives, managers, supervisors, individual contributors, and technicians—have come from a diverse cross-section of the T&E profession, representing industry, government, academia, laboratories, ranges, weapon systems, information technology, transportation, electronic communications, consumer electronics, and more.

The CTEP credential is becoming a “preferred” requirement in many test engineer job postings from companies such a:

  • ManTech
  • Jacobs Engineering

As well as included in DoD acquisition contracts.


  • Recognize individuals who demonstrate:
    • KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES: They meet the minimum level of competency in the requisite KSAs that have been identified by T&E subject-matter experts (SMEs).
    • COMMITMENT to maintain currency in the field.
    • DEDICATION to advancing the profession.
  • Develop and promote common standards, principles, procedures, processes, and terms for the T&E profession.
  • Support professional development and education to enhance the KSAs of T&E professionals.


Please note that a “professional certification credential” is quite different from the “certificate” programs that are currently available to test professionals. “Certificate” programs award a certificate of completion or achievement to individuals after they successfully complete a course of study or meet some minimum requirements.

In contrast, a professional certification credential:

  • Is a time-limited recognition requiring periodic submission for re-certification to demonstrate continued currency in the profession, including demonstration of full-time employment in the field and continuing education.
  • Awarded based on the candidate’s passing a competency exam, which could be written and/or observational, and would not be related to the completion of any specific course or curriculum of courses.
  • Bestows upon an individual to right to use the credential’s designation in conjunction with their name (e.g. CSE, CPA, or CPM) after an assessment and verification that they have met predetermined and standardized criteria.
  • Confers occupational identity and provides a method for maintaining quality standards of knowledge and performance, and stimulating continued self-improvement.
  • Provides differentiation among test professionals, using standards developed through a consensus driven process and based on existing legal and psychometric requirements.
  • Requires adherence to a Professional Code of Ethics.

CTEP application and fees 

Certification Fees:
CTEP Application Fee – $50 ITEA Member ($150 Non-Member) 
CTEP Examination Fee – $250 ITEA Member ($400 Non-Member)
CTEP Examination (Retake) – $150 ITEA Member ($150 Non-Member)

APPLY ONLINE (CTEP Application Fee)