Registration Fees

Registration Fees

 ITEA is a 501(c)(3) professional education association dedicated to the education and advancement of the test and evaluation profession. Registration fees for ITEA Workshops and the Symposium are:

  • Tax deductible;
  • Help the Association cover the cost of the Workshop; and,
  • Provide ITEA Chapters with funding for their scholarships and STEM Grants that are used to develop the T&E workforce of tomorrow.

Special discounted registration fees are available for:

  • ITEA Members, Full-Time Government Employees, and Active Duty Military personnel.
  • Speakers and presenters at ITEA events are offered a special discounted registration in honor of their participation.
    • Plenary Speakers, Plenary Panel Chairs, and Technical Track Session Chairs are eligible for a $200 registration rate.
    • Plenary Session Panelists, Technical Track Session Presenters, and Tutorial Secondary Instructors are eligible for a $395 registration rate.
  • Tutorial instructors are provided a complimentary registration in honor of their participation in conducting a tutorial.

The special discounted registration fees fund Chapter scholarships, and covers the attendee’s food and beverages that are provided at each morning’s Speaker’s Breakfast, the morning and afternoon breaks, the lunches, and the Networking Reception.

Registration is not required for a speaker, panelist, or presenter that is coming to the Workshop/Symposium ONLY at the time of their presentation/panel and then leaving immediately afterwards. However, they will miss out on the many valuable opportunities to:

  • LEARN from others in the test and evaluation profession;
  • NETWORK with the thought-leaders and visionaries in the test community during the Speaker Breakfast, breaks, lunch, and Networking Reception; and,
  • ADVANCE their careers, they do not need to register for the Workshop.