The ITEA Journal of Test and Evaluation Subscription Rates

The ITEA Journal of Test and Evaluation Subscription Rates

The ITEA Journal of Test and Evaluation, published four times each year, is the premier publication for the Test and Evaluation industry. First published over 30 years ago, The ITEA Journal quickly became and remains a leading journal in the field of test and evaluation, earning its stature as an authoritative international voice and eliciting ongoing acclaim for editorial excellence. Engineers, researchers, technicians, and academicians worldwide look to The ITEA Journal for the valuable information they need.

Each issue serves as a forum for authors of treatises on the cutting edge of testing science and technology, and publishes papers on technical aspects ranging from basic research to applied research and development to operational testing. The ITEA Journal brings you the details of developments in this rapidly expanding area of technology long before they are commercial realities.

The ITEA Journal of Test and Evaluation (ISSN 1054-0229) is published quarterly by the International Test and Evaluation Association at 11350 Random Hills Road, Suite 800, Fairfax, Virginia 22030. Online only, single-issue cover price of the ITEA Journal of Test and Evaluation is $50. ITEA offers annual membership for individuals, full-time students, and any organization interested in advancing the test and evaluation profession.

Annual membership dues are $95 for individuals ($125 if located outside of the US) and $25 for full-time students. Annual Corporate Membership dues are $800 for small organizations (less than 50 employees), and $1500 for large organizations (50 or more employees). Corporate Memberships include three (3) Individual Memberships for small organizations and five (5) Individual Memberships for large organizations. Annual dues include a one-year subscription to The ITEA Journal of Test and Evaluation.

ITEA is offering a library partnership whereby you are provided a username and password for each client  for them to receive the Journal online. 

1 Subscription $200 (4 issue)

2 to 10 Subscriptions $150/ea (4 issues)

11 and above Subscriptions $100/ea (4 issues)

The ITEA Journal of Test and Evaluation serves its readers as a forum for the presentation and discussion of issues related to ITEA or the organizations with which the authors are affiliated.

The ITEA Journal archives contain an extensive resource collection covering all the developments and trends in the test and evaluation field as they originated and evolved, an unsurpassed treasure trove of information at one’s fingertips! ITEA members receive free, unlimited, online access to the current issue as well as the issue archives.